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    About Us

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    About Us 
      Established in 1996, Changzhou Haojian Die Casting Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of hundreds of aluminum alloy die casting parts for engines and truck bodies for various special purpose vehicles.
      Close to Changzhou City and Wuxi City of Jiangsu Province, the convenient transportation has brought us more opportunities and competitive advantages in both domestic and foreign markets. Now, our company covers an area of 110,000 square meters, including 50,000 square meters of plant buildings. Our products for the main engine manufacturers feature in good appearance, security, solidity and utility, thus welcomed by customers in the international market.
    Guided by the enterprise concept of "products are personality", we attach importance to the import of hardware. And now our company has been equipped with such production lines as 40 - 400MT hydraulic bending machines, 6 x 2,500 to 12 x 6,000 hydraulic sheet cutters and various welding machines. Therefore, all the processes of punching, rivet welding and metallic cutting can be completed in-house. Meanwhile, we stress the internal management and strictly follow the ISO9001 quality system in whole company to guarantee the stability of products' quality. For the truck bodies we had walked as the reliable supplier of FAW Jiefang Wuxi Diesel Engine Works for near 10 years.
      Unsatisfied with the achievement, we still try to make renovation and actively seek new projects in order to realize the diversified development strategy. We started to develop aluminum alloy die cast parts in 1999 and set up mold design manufacturing and precision processing workshops. put another 35,000,000 yuan,There are cold chamber die-casting machines of 280 ton (1 set), 400 ton (2 sets), 650 ton (1 set), 700 ton (1 set), 800 ton (1 set), 1250 ton (1 set), 1350 ton (1 set), 1350 ton (1 set), 1600 ton (1 set),and 2000 ton (1 set)come to fifteen sets till year 2005. With precise mold designers and numerous digital controlled center machines, we can manufacture high precision molds and process the terminal products in a fully digitized way. Thus we have formed a complete production line of mold, precision process and large tonnage die cast of high standard aluminum alloy die cast parts. Now, we have become the good partner of the REX, WUXI KAMA Power, Ltd, WUXI KIPOR,cherry car,Wuxi Huada, ect. Our die cast parts product range covers Air-Cooled Diesel Engine Parts, Electric Tool Shells, Escalator Stairs, Communication housing, Street lamp housing, Motor Shell, Petrolic Engine Parts. And 90% of our products are export to overseas market.
      Due to the full range of equipment and high individual unit efficiency, our annual die cast processing capacity has exceeded 1.3 million sets with the existing equipment. Our excellent staff is the key to our success. Our company now employs more than four hundred, including more than eighty technicians and 40 employees with college or higher education degree. A large number of well-educated employees are engaged in their jobs with their professional expertise and high technical skill.
      Through the unremitting pursuit and progress, our company has been repeatedly awarded the title of "Excellent Supplier" by Diesel Auto Plant of FAW and Other Main Engine Factories, and "Prize for Excellent Prize" during the course of coordinated assembly. Due to the stable quality, our company has been awarded as the "AAA Credit Enterprise" by Dongyu International Consultation and Assessment Co., Ltd. for consecutive years.
       We have confidence in cooperating with you and building up the development platform for both parties with our sincerity and force. We look forward to cooperating with you in near future.

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